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Some of my work snapshots...

Data Management & Reporting

Sales Dashboard:

 This is "Sales Dashboard", I developed for when I was working in one of the leading IT company. Basic platform is Excel with supporting back-end VBA Macros.

This dashboard created to monitor the performance(KPI) of each resellers by Region. The key performance indicators of resellers is renewed in this dashboard with more interactive and innovative way of representing the data.

Partner Intelligence Tool:

This is "Partner Intelligence Tool" used to compare performance of different services, products, resellers etc.,

The basic idea of this dashboard is, if you have many dimension and looking forward for correlative comparison this solution would suit you. In this example there were 14 dimension, with this input we can create 182 combination of charts. n(n-1).

Supply Chain Dashboards:

The below are the snapshots of Supply chain dashboard that i have developed for a customer based out of Australia. This supply chain dashboard covers almost all supply chain metrics in the market.

> Advanced Model Development

I have developed many advanced models using Statistical tools and complex logics. here are the few examples,

Service ONE Financial Simulator:
Simulator works basically on "What-if" analysis. The simulator helps to plan & forecast based on current performance. This is approach is the origin of data-driven decision making. The below simulator developed by me for managing end-to-end Financial services, profile management and Benefits.

RB Simulator:
The below simulator developed for a products marketing company. The simulator helped to compare different markets &products and helped for future planning and forecasting to reduce "Maveric Spend" influenced by "Non-PO %".

> Predictive Analytics
I developed couple of predictive models for "Order forecasting" in Sales Domain. Key methods/algorithms used are
1. Seasonal Pattern Analysis
2. Forecasting - Moving Average
3. Forecasting - ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average)
4. Forecasting - Exponential Smoothing
5. Market Basket Analysis 
and more...

> Advanced Model Development
> Technical Enhancement & POV